The first 60 acres of pinto beans were grown in Wells County out of Fessenden, ND. This is really how it all started.


Kurt, after working for a local seed company, found the location for his future seed plant in 1992. The barn had an exceptionally high roof and he thought it would be a perfect place to set up a seed conditioning plant. The roof was high enough that he could run the legs up the barn and he wouldn't have to cut any holes in the roof. 

May, 1976

John Bollingberg, father of owner of Bollingberg Seeds Kurt Bollingberg, was featured for his work with Pinto beans in a 1976 article of the local paper.


The current seed conditioning plant opened in 1995. 

September, 1976

John Bollingberg windrows pinto beans while most farmers do not. He believed at that time that it decreases rocks and other debris out of the final yield.


In February, 2015 Kurt was awarded the Premier Seed Grower Award by the North Dakota Crop Improvement and Seed Association